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Expect a huge delay in posting, my apartment complex isn’t ready so I will be living in a hotel for a while and school starts Monday. I have so many updates coming including several Sephora and Ulta hauls, I bought the Lady Gaga perfume so I will be reviewing that as well. When I get moved in I will be showing you all how my apartment looks as well :) Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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The BB Cream Craze


I’ve been hearing quite a lot recently about BB creams and for the longest time I had absolutely no idea what they were until I decided to do a little digging. I came across this site listing the top BB creams on the market and when I found that Boscia had one I knew I had to try it ( if you don’t already know, I am borderline obsessed with anything Boscia does), I am a big tinted moisturizer fan for many reasons, but was looking for a subtle change. The sales lady at Sephora swiped this on me and then I had to have it, the coverage was light but flawless. The makeup artist warned me though, that it is not ideal to apply this with sponges or hands and for best application she suggested the #45 mineral powder brush so I bought that as well. Today is my first day wearing it, so far so good but in a couple weeks I will let you guys know how I much I love it !

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The amazing outfits of Gwen Stacy


I went out this weekend to see Spiderman with one of my girlfriends and it wasn’t my choise to see but I ended up completely obsessed and have plans to see it see it a couple more times this week. I am a huge Emma Stone fan ever since Superbad, so she was really the reason I went to see it in the first place and she certainly didn’t disappoint, seriously if you haven’t seen it yet, GO. NOW. As much as I loved Andrew Garfield in his skin tight spidey getup, the entire time I could not take my eyes off his love interest - Gwen Stacy’s amazing wardrobe, the cream coat (above) is one of the many items that caught my eye, absolutely stunning and I actually went out and bought myself a similar jacket at Express.Photobucket

The movie has got me excited for fall fashion, because Gwen Stacy rocks the perfect back to school outifts for the upcoming season, her academic look through out the film includes comfy cardigans, classic pea coats and collared shirts. To top off her preppy look she is never over accessorized instead sticking to simple hair ribbons, knit hats and skinny headbands. To try Gwen’s style for yourself this school year stick to basic neutral colors (creams, blacks, grays and blues) aim for chic silhouettes and modest hemlines and work in classic patterns such as polka dots or stripes. Although she wears so many super cute clothes, my top 2 outfits are some of the final looks in the film. The first is the incredibly chic black pea coat which is completed with leather gloves (to die!!!) and the second look is a casual cardigan paired with a striped top, skinny jeans and my favorite accessory of hers- the knit hat. I don’t know about you, but I am suddenly inspired to go on a shopping spree…

Photobucket Photobucket

all images credited to: Emmastoneweb.com

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Fall Wardrobe Must Haves Courtesy Of Nasty Gal
Nasty Gal Shopping
Denim Jackets, varsity skirts and peplum dresses, Oh my.
I’m currently on the lookout for some wardrobe staples for Fall, and while browsing Nasty Gal I came across several items I absolutely had to order. Keeping in mind that it’s only a couple weeks until school starts I am trying to come up with a list of things I am in need of am wanting. For starters, I will be moving a little ways north so it may be a little colder then here so that means cardigans and sweaters are a must, in addition to that I will be walking a ton so I need comfortable shoes but, if I’m honest with myself I know there is no way for me to walk into a shoe store and come out without a pair of sky high heels :). I am really dying for a denim jacket, I’ve been seeing them a lot lately in magazines and the one above at Nasty Gal is to die,  also while shopping I found some cute leather leggings which is a staple for me and I love to have several pairs on hand. With that said, my list is shaping up pretty nicely and I’ve been able to cross a few things off, which is good because with moving I am going to be stressed to the max and don’t need anything else to worry about. 
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Everyday makeup + Faves
Everyday Makeup + Faves
As you all know, I am a huge makeup junkie, some people collect coins I collect makeup. I remember the first time I went to Sephora 4 years ago, I stepped through the black double doors and my life was forever changed. In all seriousness though, I have purchased so much in order to find what brands/products formulas I like best. My favorite brands, that without fail always make ultra great products are: YSL, Dior, NARS, Illamasqua, Givenchy, Laura Mercier and Josie Maran. I have tried pretty much every brand Sephora carries and these are definitely the cream of the crop, not to say that all the other brands suck, just that these are the most consistent.
 My everyday makeup routine consists of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer ( Josie Maran has a great tinted moisturizer as well) I personally prefer tinted moisturizers to foundation during the day because I don’t need a ton of coverage, and I like my face to feel naturally and never cakey. These provide good subtle amount of coverage. When I have an extra long day I use the Tarte clean slate primer, there are several primers  I love but I am not going to buy another one until I finish this, this is a pretty good product it provides a great base for foundation and it makes your skin feel like silk, the texture is flawless. After those steps I sweep on a little blush by NARS, right now I’m rocking the shade Deep Throat, but they have so many pretty shades that it was hard to pick! Next up and by far the most important step in my book are the brows, I cannot stress enough how important a great eyebrow routine is, and it makes my heart ache to see people with sad neglected brows. I have thick-ish brows but they are not as dark as my hair is so I need to fill them in. Eyebrows aree so important because they really play up your eyes and frame your ENTIRE facee. My favorite brow products are made by Illamasqua, Benefit, Chanel and Anastasia. Like everyone else on tumblr I am obsessed with the Naked palettes, but in my opinion they are the only good thing Urban Decay makes. Not a fan of that brand at all. Lately I have been useing the Naked 2 palette exclusively because my mom “borrowed” my original one. I use the lighter shades as a highlight for the corner of my eyes and my brows.  Eyeliner in probably my beauty crutch and I have been trying to not use it as frequently because it does age you and it can be a bit drastic for everyday where especially on your lower lid. So lately I have been skipping the eyeliner step, and also I have been skipping the mascara step as well because I absolutely hate taking mascara off at night so I just don’t bother with it unless I’m felling patient that day or am going out that night. Luckily, I have been blessed with natural dark, thick lashes so I can get away with out it. I have been getting super into lipsticks as of late and my favorites are the  YSL silk sensual radiant lipstick and the Nars lipstick in Belle De Jour, I am really into nude, peach and salmon shades as of late. Then to top it all off I spray a couple pumps of Gucci Rush and I’m good to go.
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